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3 weeks to go

Not long now till I'm finally off to Germany and the Czech Republic. Still trying to sort out an itinerary as my trip will vary considerably while I'm in Prague and largely depend on what my group wants to do (I'd prefer not to go off on my own for my first trip to Europe). If anyone's been to Germany and knows the western part quite well I'd love to hear of any decent places to see.

I'll most likely use Prague as a a base to go off on day trips to nearby towns and weekends for longer trips over the border and further into the east of the country into Moravia. I'll definitely go see Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov, Olomouc, Mělnik, Hradcany Castle, and Karlovy Vary (will definately be a lot of copy and paste with all those special characters :P). I was also fortunate to receive a bursary to aid in my trip which will add nicely to my travel expenses. :)

June 18 - Depart Sydney Airport
June 19 - Arrive Frankfurt Airport, Germany (at 0600 urgh!)
- August 30 Spend almost two weeks with a friend of family who have offered to show me the sights around Bavaria, Frankfurt, Dresden, Rothenburg, Munich, Bonn etc
August 30 - Flight to Prague, Czech Republic
July 1 - August 1 Begin leadership program, trip to Terezin, Karlstejn Castle, Kutna Hora
August 1 - Depart Prague, arrive at Frankfurt, then depart for Sydney
August 3 - Arrive back at Canberra
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