a4nightblade (a4nightblade) wrote,

To Germany I go

My Europe trip just got better. I'm now off to Germany for two weeks prior to my trip to Prague, visiting some friends of the family who have offered to show me some of the sights. This couldn't have happened at a better time, as I'm working on a novel set in 18th century northern Europe, so it will be a good opportunity to do some research while I'm there in person. Almost six weeks overseas by myself, I could certainly get used to this arrangement. :)

Now to find out how I can afford all this.

About a third through my assessments now and so far so good, but still need to keep up the momentum of doing my essays and preparing material for my group presentation. I still haven't decided on a topic for my European history paper (the proposal is due this week). I'm interested in British naval/army strategy against Napoleon or Prussia's involvement in France's demise in the later part of that war, but the topic will need to be more specific. I've gotten as much books as I can from the libraries on these subjects so I'll be left with online journals for other sources.
Tags: 2010, europe, studies

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