a4nightblade (a4nightblade) wrote,

Rolling on

Uni continues on, and with it plenty of deadlines. I have an assessment item due every week for the next six weeks including a mid-semester test. :S Then a two week lapse before I have to hand in my major history papers and a large group presentation on organisational performance.

I've been pursuing a couple of scholarships this week, as I'll take any financial support at this stage to help me with my travels in Prague. There's the possibility that I'll add a few trips to my itinerary, seeing as I have 2-3 weeks before the program starts. All going well, I might be able to spend a few weeks in Germany visiting family friends or France.

I always seem to pick up my writing production during these busy periods (though, the quality stills need work!). Wrote 1k in the last few days between tutorial readings. I think it might be related to all the items and tests due while I'm studying, as I'm much more sensitive to the amount of time I use up every week. I tend to sleep less, exercise more and my mind is definitely up to the challenge of being creative and proactive. I knew there was a reason I dislike overly long holidays.
Tags: 2010, travel

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