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Saved by tech failure

So a few minutes ago I was supposed to have one of the most important interviews I'll have as an undergrad. I applied for a global leadership program in Prague last December and got the provincial acceptance. Interview was on this morning but it got cancelled at last minute. Literally.

I spent the last three days preparing for it, but can't be helped. At least that's another day to get things sorted out and fix any problems with my responses.

Now for sad news. Our cat, Lily, a white persian, is being put to sleep today as her kidneys have failed her. We got her back in 1998 when one of our tenants was moving and left her behind (seriously how do people live knowing they abandoned their pet?) so my stepdad took her in. She is a fussy eater, a cantankerous grump most of the time, a queen of poses and leaving fluff on black suits and dresses. She also has her moments, such as when she's asleep in her weave basket and makes a loud chirping noise when you wake her. She is also a cat that has no fear of dogs, as one intruding mutt found out in our first house and left as soon as he realised the white fluff of doom stalking him was death incarnate. Lily has outlasted our Rhodesian ridgeback and my cat, Mickey, and even survived two paralysis ticks (though it did leave some nervous damage such as being unable to stop her claws from retracting at times). Eventually she became lethargic and stopped growing back her bottle brush tail fur(had to shave it at vets as that's where the tick hid). I can't believe she's almost fifteen, living the entire time I was at highschool and subsequent uni years. So, the decision was made after the vet determined that she was too sick to recover. I wasn't as close to her as my previous cat, but she was like the matriarch of the house; that silent, yellow-eyed face that appeared at the kitchen bench whenever we came home from shopping to greet us. :'(

RIP Lily.
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